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Learning the Guitar by Dylan

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I have always been into music. I was brought up listening to artists like Bruce Springsteen and Queen. As a child, my favourite thing to do was to watch Queen at Live Aid and to watch Bruce Springsteen live. I would watch them on repeat for hours. At the age of 8, my mum suggested the idea of learning how to play the guitar; as school was getting a guitar teacher to come in once a week and do lessons. I said yes, and ever since then I have been able to play guitar.

Currently, my favourite song to play is either Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton or Yesterday by the Beatles. I enjoy playing these songs because their structures are really nice and the chords used are satisfying to play. I learnt how to play Tears in Heaven through the website:


I learnt how to play 'Yesterday' by ear, and watching how The Beatles used to play it. At the moment, I am learning how to play the song ‘Blackbird’, also by the Beatles. I have always wanted to learn 'Blackbird', but always thought it was too difficult.

When I was first starting guitar, my favourite songs to play were ‘Get Back’, ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘Wonderwall’. All of these songs are not difficult to play, and they are very memorable which makes the feeling when you play them even better.

For people who are only starting to learn the guitar, my best advice would be to start off learning basic chords and then finding songs with those chords in them. For example, a really easy song for beginners to learn is ‘Get Back’ by the Beatles, as it only includes a few chords. A YouTube channel I would recommend for people trying to learn guitar is Andy Cowley's channel:

This blog was written by Dylan (15 years old)

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